What Do Defense Attorneys Do?

Anyone who is facing criminal charges needs to hire a competent go to court for DUI to help them mount a potent defense. You may be facing a DUI charge,traffic ticket,murder charge,assault charge,or a drug offenses case. Whatever the case,having a competent defense lawyer on your side will boost your chances of getting a non-guilty verdict.

A criminal lawyer normally does a number of things. Basically,their work is to challenge every piece of evidence provided by the prosecution and provide an alternative narrative to help them convince the court that their client is innocent. All they need to do is raise some reasonable doubt. Defense lawyers also:

  • Negotiate Plea Deals

At times,the evidence against the accused may be indisputable. In such a case,the defense lawyer will try to work out a plea deal with the prosecution to ensure their client does not spend much time in jail. Prosecutors usually offer reasonable plea deals to save both money and time,as well as eliminate the risk of losing the case.

  • Secure Bail

After being charged,the suspect can still have their freedom if they secure bail. During the bail hearing,the defense lawyer will demonstrate to the court that the client is not a flight risk,and does not have the ability or intention to interfere with the investigations.

  • Carry Out Background Research

Defense attorneys normally conduct background research on cases they are handling. The DWI lawyer will usually look for relevant case law,previous defenses that have been used in similar cases as well as state and federal law that touch on the case at hand. This research will go a long way in ensuring the client gets the best possible legal defense.

During court hearings,defense lawyers normally prevent the prosecution from wasting time,asking irrelevant questions,overstepping their mandate and engaging in wild goose chases all in the interest of their client.

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