Understanding Florida Car Accident Laws

Car accidents can happen at any time and place. You may not be able to predict when an accident will happen but you can be prepared by being familiar with accident laws in your state. Here are some important car accident laws you should know in Florida,whether you work with a - or not.

Reporting Auto Accidents

Florida drivers are required to report accidents that happen on the road. You can report an accident to your local police,sheriff’s department or Highway Patrol. Drivers are also required to stop and lend assistance to those who are injured. Leaving the scene of an accident where serious injuries or damages occur (hit and run) could result in criminal charges.

Liability for Accidents

Florida drivers are liable for accidents they cause due to negligence on the road. Careless driving,speeding,failure to signal and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are examples of negligent driving. More than one driver can be held liable for accidents due to negligence.

Florida uses a comparative system to determine the degree of liability in accidents caused by negligent driving. If,for example,a speeding driver plows into another vehicle that failed to signal while changing lanes,both drivers can be found liable for the accident. A Florida court will determine the amount of liability each driver has for the other person’s loss.

Mandatory Insurance

By law,Florida drivers are required to have minimum liability insurance coverage,i.e. $10,000 for both personal injury and property damage liability. Florida is also a no-fault state,meaning each driver’s insurance company will cover the cost of injuries they sustain in an accident,regardless of who was at fault. This enables drivers to get medical attention right away. If injuries exceed the amount of insurance coverage,insurers can seek compensation (and reimbursement) from the driver at fault to cover their loss.

These are some of the most important car accident laws you should know in Florida. Your knowledge of these laws can be helpful in settling car accident claims,as can the legal representation provided by a top -.

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