Egba-Yewa Descendants Association Washington, DC. U.S.A.
Lori Oke Ati Petele


Mission Statement

With an inspiration from our ancestors and our personal convictions, we the sons and daughters of Egba and Egbado are filled with radiant sense of pride for our heritage and resolute commitment to the progress of our people in particular and humanity in general.

We therefore, have come together in unison to form an association of our indigence residing in the States of Maryland and Virginia, and in Washington, The District of Columbia, for the purpose of furthering our aspiration of social, political, economical and technological advancement of our people, helping ourselves, fulfilling our moral obligations to our homeland and sharing our proud heritage with our youth in particular and the world in general.

We are prepared for the calls of our state, determined to continue to be good ambassadors of our nation, enriched with the knowledge of our continent and committed to the betterment of humanity in general.

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