Common Traffic Tickets In Florida

Motorists receive traffic tickets for violations of relevant laws,which is why - are necessary. They will have to pay the corresponding fines and submit themselves to any other penalties appropriate for their offense. It is possible to fight these tickets by presenting proof of their innocence or casting doubt on the evidence of the issuing officer. Among the most common traffic tickets in Florida are the following:


There are speed limits on every road,as any - can tell you. They are necessary in keeping order on public highways and reducing the number of accidents. After all,speeding is one of the leading causes of car crashes. A fast pace makes vehicles prone to instability and limits the driver’s time to react to hazards. This risky behavior can result in fatalities and serious injuries.

Red Light

It is tempting to run the red light when you are in a hurry. This is especially true when it does not seem like there are any cars passing by. However,this type of behavior has caused a lot of accidents on intersections. It is difficult to see past a corner so you might not be aware of an incoming vehicle. Before you know it,you have been hit from the side or vice versa.

Distracted Driving

We take our phones everywhere we go. It is hard to part with these devices even when we are driving. There is a compulsion to keep checking for updates,messages,and so on. What seems like a harmless pastime becomes a dangerous activity when you are on the road where even a second of distraction can lead to fatal consequences.

Drunk Driving

Alcohol impairs the function of the body and the mind. Drunkenness is associated with heightened aggression,poor decision-making,drowsiness,and other conditions that not compatible with driving. You can be a danger to yourself and to others. Drunk driving tickets result in large fines,license suspension,and jail time.

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